It¿s common today to hear people talk about how they feel overwhelmed. There are also plenty who put on a brave face, when behind closed doors it¿s a different story. Where is this stress coming from? Is it really our ... read more

The Invisible Load - A Guide to Overcoming Stress & Overwhelm

Bestselling author Bear Grylls has survived a free-fall parachute accident that left him with a broken back, possibly unable to walk again; falling down a mountain in the Rockies, severing a finger in the Vietnam jungle, a broken shoulder in Antarctica. He pass... read more

Soul Fuel - A Daily Devotional
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You're at your best when you're doing what you love, so follow your passions and let your inner light shine out! This little book, packed with inspiring quotes and uplifting statements, is here to help you dazzle the world with your brightest, happiest ... read more

Do What Makes Your Soul Shine; Inspiring



Life's journey isn't always a walk in the park, but there are ways of forging your own path. This pocket-sized book of simple but effective tools and tips will help you to build your inner reserves and bounce back from adversity stronger than ever.


Let award-winning artist and astrologer Claire Goodchild help you to unlock the ancient mysteries of the tarot as you harness this powerful tool of self-discovery and spiritual growth. This elegant pack comes complete with a hauntingly beautiful tarot deck and a brief guide to the art.

The Modern Tarot Reader - Harness Tarot Energy for Personal Development and Healing

'Erudite, well-researched, and full of compassion... This book will change the way people understand schizophrenia, and that change is long overdue.' CHRISTIE WATSON, author of The Language of Kindness
'A truly important book. ' MAX PORT... read more

The Heartland: Finding and Losing Schizophrenia

The bestselling author of the Hidden Life of Trees brings the world of forests to lifeCan you tell the difference between wolf and dog prints?Which trees are best to shelter under a storm?How do you tell a deciduous and conifer... read more

Walks in the Wild: A Guide Through the Forest with Peter Wohlleben
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From the forthcoming feature-length documentary about the power of meditation to change the planet, The Portal is An Inconvenient Truth meets The Secret.

The Portal: How Meditation Can Save the World



Series:Mindfulness Ser.

Life can be tough. With so many decisions to make at such a critical time, it's easy to feel weighed down. What's more, there is the pressure to gain good grades, to find a good job, to be a good person. Your mind may feel clogged up with no way to filter your circ... read more

Mindfulness for Students



Series:K. I. Al-Ghani Children's Colour Story Bks.

When things don't go our way, the Disappointment Dragon can come to visit and take us down to his home in the Valley of Despair?
The Disappointment Dr... read more

The Disappointment Dragon: Learning to Cope with Disappointment (for All Children and Dragon Tamers, Including Those with Asperger Syndrome)
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So many of us are looking for practical changes we can make to nourish our body, be more active and find meaningful connection - ways to be stronger, happier and healthier, in a fast-paced world.
In Heal, Pete Evans shares... read more

Heal: 101 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health in a Modern World

Mind Kind: Your Child's Mental Health gives vital insight into the world of mental health and provides a value based system to help parents and caregivers to connect with their children and support them towards positive mental health and wellbeing. As a practising psychotherapist... read more

Mind Kind - Your Child’s Mental Health